San Martin Amacayacu Amazon Tribe

Set in the scenery of the Amazonian greens, amidst the melodious chirping of birds, beauty is at its raw. The San Martin Amacayacu Amazon Tribe breaks all barriers of the magical Amazon to exhibit the survival and thriving of human life right in the midst of the deep jungle. The San Martin Amacayacu Amazon Tribe is a component tribe of the Ticuna’s, the largest tribe in the Amazon. It is an indigenous community of around 400 individuals. These folks have been living in their robust culture for centuries. The tribe cherishes the old ways of life and lives primarily off agriculture, hunting, and fishing. Many of the people are also artisans who produce fascinating crafts from the natural materials found in their surrounding jungle.
A House in the San Martin Community
Since the tribal people from San Martin stick with the agricultural practices as their means of survival, they also do a simultaneously good job at preserving their native language. A cherry on top is that the San Martin Amacayacu Amazon Tribe hold their cultural traditions and beliefs dear to themselves and in doing so, the tribe has also been able to retain them against all odds of external pressures. With that being said, let’s just pop the thought bubble that is imagining these tribal individuals as unfriendly and uncivilized folks who scare people on sight and hoo-haa them away. That’s not even remotely close to the truth, this community is a population of friendly tribesmen and tribeswomen who have opened their doors to tourists and are glad to show their surroundings to all the foreigners. In addition, their settlement also features a viewing tower that allows a person to have a panoramic view of the Amazon jungle.
Port San Martin
The San Martin Amacayacu Amazon Tribe is not an inaccessible or unreachable community that may take days to get to. In fact, this might ring as surprising that the San Martin de Amacayacu is only about 3 hours from the city of Leticia, Colombia. The San Martin tribe is located along a tributary of the Amazon River with the Amacayacu National Park. The Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu covers an approximate area of 300,000 hectares and it was in 1975 that the area was declared a national park. The park, however, was closed to tourist in 2012 as the area was characterized by swamps, undulating hills, and an intricate meshwork of streams. Although the park has sealed its doors, the Ticuna settlement of San Martin has kept its doors open for visitors. So, now we know that the Amacayacu National Park holds more than just 500 species of birds, 150 mammal species, 100 species of fish; it holds a community of 400 incredible people also. And of course the most spectacular exotic fruits on the planet.
The Exact Location of San Marin De Amacayacu
From a visitor’s point of view, the tribe’s lodge can be reached by first flying to Bogota, Colombia and then book a flight to Leticia. Once there, it is up to the tour guides to get you a boat that will travel parallel to the Amacayacu river. One more boat switch and a person will get to the much-awaited lodge. The San Martin has organized itself in a welcoming way to receive visitors and can arrange canoe rides, walks, and other activities
The Tribe’s Lodge