Betters International New Product Development

As the largest new product development facility in Latin America we can assist you in creating new products for your company and markets. Our resources and equipment are vast and can provide a very cost effective solution for your R&D department or any function at your company that necessitates the creation of new products. We can assist in any and more of the following:
  1. Products using Amazon resources.
  2. Fruit Nectars and Juices.
  3. Any type of confectionary product, chocolate and other.
  4. Marmalades
  5. Sauces, especially hot sauces and those using exotic fruits.
  6. Baby foods and toddler products.
  7. Protein based products.
  8. Vegetable based oils and related products.
  9. Salty snacks.
  10. Dairy products (Colombia has a substantial dairy industry)
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